Wooden crates

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Houten_Krat_BinnenkantSome products are too fragile or tricky stackable for transport on a pallet. A crate can provide a solution. The weight of a crate is significantly lower than a wooden box and the possibilities are endless. Because of this, the wooden crate is often seen as the cost-cutting export packing. A crate is highly useful for transport through air, water and asphalt. We offer the most suitable packaging for each product. Also the wooden crates are custom made. The interior of the crate is also important. We advise you on, among other things, cushioning, supporting and fixing of your products.

With a tailor made interior, fitted to your product, your products are packed completely fixed and they are protected optimally during transport. Additional advantage of a custom made crate including interior is the shorthand packaging time. We supply wooden crates to various sectors, including the automotive industry. To export your products recognizable we can print your logo, an order number, bar code or other texts and/or symbols on your wooden packages. In other words, the necessary shipping marks.

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